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We have provided this page to keep you updated on the latest news in workforce diversity.  We search the Internet for workforce diversity news from both industry and academic sources so you'll be aware of the latest changes in diversity policies and practices.

From Industry

Some VERY interesting results have recently been published from a research project, called the "Tech Leavers Study," by the Kapor Center for Social Impact.  Those results describe the primary reasons employees leave their employer, and several of those reasons can be quantified precisely by our measurement methodologies.  In fact, the first sentence of the original Tech Leavers Study document states "What would you do if your colleagues continually shared offensive and stereotypical racial jokes?"  Our data analysis can provide results that will reduce the probability of this type of action.


The study later states "But unfairness, in the form of everyday behavior [our emphasis] (stereotyping, harassment, bullying, etc.) is a real and destructive part of the tech work environment, particularly affecting underrepresented groups and driving talent out the door."  That "everyday behavior" is exactly what our data analysis quantifies and subsequently provides actionable results to ameliorate.



Tech Workers Quit Their Jobs Mostly Because of Unfair Work Environments, Study Says


From the Wednesday, April 12th edition of the Bay Area News Group: an article describing the burgeoning field of startups that can help organizations improve their workforce diversity.  The article mentions new firms that can help recruit new employess from under-represented groups and new firms that help organizations their diversity metrics.  However, nowhere do they mention companies like Connectivity Analysis that have entirely new processes for measuring workforce diversity and improving employee retention rates.


For These Startups, Silicon Valley's Diversity Problem Brings Big Business


This article appeared on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 on the website and concerns Intel Corporation's attempt to increase their workforce diversity.  Intel has pledged to spend $300M to increase hiring and retention of women and under-represented minorities.


Diversity Still a Challenge at Intel, Even After $300M Pledge


From Academia

This article, published in the journal Employee Relations, describes an experiement wherein researchers surveyed employees in the technology field in India.  They found that employees had a positive perspective on their organization's diversity management processes and also perceived that the promotion of gender diversity in the organization was positively correlated with their perceived performance of the organization.


Workforce Diversity and Organizational Performance: A Study of IT Industry in India


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