Teammate Analysis

It's not "What you know."
(because “What you know” will be obsolete or common knowledge faster than you think!)

It's not even "Who you know."
(because “Who you know” will only get you in the door, then it's back to "What you know"!  See above!)

It's "Who can teach you what you NEED to know!"
(because you need to improve your performance continuously if you expect to stay ahead of everyone else!)

Don’t believe us?

First, from MLB, Larry Baer, Chief Executive Officer of the San Francisco Giants, winners of three of the last six World Series titles, gave the 2013 commencement speech at San Francisco State University, "recalling that it was the connection among players that helped the Giants win the World Series in 2010 and 2012."  CEO Baer apparently understands the value of teammate analysis and connections!

        (SF State News, Saturday, May 25, 2013, "SF Giants Leader Tells Grads That 'Success Is A Team Sport'")

Next, world-famous sports writer Bob Elliott (author of the baseball books Hard Ball, The Ultimate Blue Jays Trivia Book, and The Northern Game: Baseball The Canadian Way) in a newspaper article about the 2014 World Series-winning San Francisco Giants "It’s not always how well you play, it’s who you play with . . ."  Mr. Elliott seems to be telling us the value of teammate connections!

        (Toronto Sun, Thursday, October 30th, 2014, "Giants' Madison Bumgarner Was Untouchable")

Then, Hunter Pence, San Francisco Giant, said of past teammate Brett Pill, “Every time I get a hit he comes up and asks me what I’m thinking."  Brett Pill knew that Hunter Pence could teach him what he needed to know!

        (Bay Area News Group, Monday, September 16, 2013, “Pence’s Power Surge Enters Mays Territory”)

From the domain of professional football is an article in the Contra Costa Times about 9-time NFL All-Star wide receiver Tim Brown and 8-time Pro Bowl safety Charles Woodson, "When Charles Woodson came to the Raiders in 1998, he was the headstrong rookie while Tim Brown was the savvy pro, a walking, talking how-to manual on how to succeed in the NFL.  When Brown is inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday, Woodson will be in training camp, preparing for his 18th season and making himself available to mold young players as Brown did back in the day."  Both Brown and Woodson were trying to teach other players what they needed to know!

        (Contra Costa Times, Saturday, August 8, 2015, "Charles Woodson Following in Tim Brown's Footsteps")

Finally, and also from the NFL, Amari Cooper, rookie wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders says about being a teammate of Michael Crabtree, "He knows how to get open with his hands, use his body and stuff like that.  That just comes from being a veteran.  I've been listening to him, watching him and trying to learn how to do it as well."  Mr. Cooper is already applying "teammate analysis" in his NFL career in finding someone who can teach him what he needs to know.

        (San Jose Mercury News, Friday, August 14, 2015, "Raiders Set To Pull Back Curtain On Amari Cooper")

The bottom line is: these famous professional athletes, team management, and sports writers intuitively understand the value teammates who can teach what others need to konw.  Even though the San Francisco Giants may not have explicitly understood the value of teammate analysis, they have said so in so many words.  Their teammate connections have helped support the team to the extent that they have won the World Series three times in the past five years; they really seem to understand the value of "teammate analysis"!  Do you?




Need More Convincing?

Not too long ago, you may have read that 56-year-old Tony Phillips, who had an 18-year MLB career, has returned to professional baseball by signing a contract to play with the independent Pittsburg (CA) Diamonds.  Diamonds Manager, Aaron Miles, said of this signing, "I think it's going to be absolutely wonderful for every one of our players to be able to pick his mind."

        (Contra Costa Times, Tuesday, August 4th, 2015, "At 56, Former A's Second Baseman To Play For Pittsburg Diamonds")

Mr. Miles understands the value of teammate analysis and player connections!

Now do you believe us?



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In the same way that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram connect individuals with others they know (and profit handsomely because they know how to analyze and use those connections), we examine the connections between  teammates on professional sports teams.  We call this concept "teammate analysis".  People get better at tasks when they perform those tasks with others and learn from them (as several noted sports figures said in their quotes above); we believe professional athletes improve their performance in part because of the links they have made to past teammates.

Now you can perform the same types of analyses that social media firms do by using our teammate datasets to do your own "teammate analysis".  Check out our "Academic and Mathematics Research" page to see how others are already doing these types of analyses and finding out new and interesting ways to understand individual and team performance.

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