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Increase your employee productivity by 5% - 10%!


Reduce your employee turnover rates by the same amount!


Perhaps most importantly, increase retention rates for your employees from under-represented groups thereby increasing your workforce diversity!


We have approached each of these Human Resources problems from a completely different analytical direction and achieved incredible results.  Most importantly, we will give you actionable results to achieve all of these goals.


We ARE the cutting edge of measuring and improving workforce diversity!  And for calculating completely new measures of employee work experience AND employee task performance!


Connectivity Analysis is an IS/IT consulting firm that applies cutting-edge and patent-pending mathematical graph theory research and graph databases that we have implemented in database algorithms to optimize employee performance, precisely calculate employee work experience, and measure and increase workforce diversity.  We have many years of research and experience applying deep mathematical network analysis principles to specific corporate use cases to improve your Human Resources processes and increase the productivity of your employees and work groups.


Our analytical methodology is so novel that NO other data analysis or data mining firm offers it.  We can make that claim because we have pioneered the field of graph theory applications to Human Resources problems such as workforce diversity.  This is your chance to get ahead AND stay ahead of your competitors by applying graph theory processes to your Human Resources analysis in ways that will improve employee performance, more precisely measure employee work experience, and better measure and increase your workforce diversity!

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